Fruit Fly Trap for Complete Fruit Fly Control

The Big Stinky Fly Trap™ is a low cost, easy to use, effective fly trap which can be altered to specifically rid your home inside and out of unwanted fruit flies.  Rid your home of those pesky fruit flies with the help of the Big Stinky Fly Trap™.

Big Stinky Fly Trap™ Directions of Use for Killing Fruit Flies:

  1. Add one capful of Big Stinky Fluid.
  2. Add one-half cup of sweet pickle juice or add one-quarter cup of cider vinegar and one-quarter cup of orange juice.
  3. Screw the Big Stinky Fly Trap™ securely to the jar.
  4. Place the fruit fly trap out of the reach of children and pets on the kitchen counter or in the fruit or vegetable cupboard. The fruit and wine flies will find it even in the dark.
  5. Check the fruit fly trap once a week for results.
  6. Once or twice a month the fruit fly trap should be rinsed out and restarted as above.

Rid your home inside and out of those pesky fruit flies with the Big Stinky Fly Trap™.  Contact the Big Stinky Fly Trap™ for more information on how to kill fruit flies or order your Big Stinky Fly Trap™ online today.

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