Fly Trap Gets Rid of Fruit Flies and Yellow Jackets

Big  Stinky Fly Trap™ Lures’em, Traps’em, and Kills’em; ridding barns, stables, kennels, and patios of common flies. The Big Stinky Fly Trap™ is the first truly successful scientific approach to complete fly control.  Scientist and inventor, Bill Brown, utilized his extensive background in organic chemistry to develop the Big Stinky Fly Trap’s™ unique fly control method.

Lure’em. The Big Stinky Fly Trap™ first lures in those pesky flies by taking advantage of the “sex scent” of female flies.  Initially, a special fly attraction fluid is mixed with raw fish or lean meat to get the Big Stinky Fly Trap™ cycle started.  Flies are attracted to this ideal egg-laying formula and find their way to the Big Stinky fly Trap™.

Trap’em. Once lured in by the attracting scent, those horrid flies and other common garbage flies enter the one way blackened duct and become trapped inside the container of the Big Stinky Fly Trap™. The female flies, now trapped inside, give off a sex scent attracting the male flies to the Big Stinky Fly Trap™.

Kill’em. Once trapped within the Big Stinky Fly Trap™, both male and female flies are digested with enzymes. These enzymes release a scent exceptionally attractive to more female flies, luring the next batch right in. The Big Stinky Fly Trap™ continuously repeats the cycle; ridding the outdoors of flies, fruit flies, yellow jackets, and common garbage flies.

With the Big Stinky Fly Trap’s™ outstanding effectiveness, you soon find yourself overloaded with thousands of dead flies. Big Stinky Fly Trap™ users are astounded by how many flies the Big Stinky Fly Trap™ really kills. The Big Stinky Fly Trap™ byproduct is an excellent fertilizer. Wisconsin State Testing Laboratory has found flies contain a significant quantity of nitrogen, potash and phosphorous. Just bury the flies six inches deep near the roots of slow-growing trees, shrubs or flowers, and watch them grow!  Buried flies make a great fertilizer as they produce larger than normal plants.

Order your Big Stinky Fly Trap™ online today and start getting rid of flies in and around your yard and farm. For more information on how to get rid of flies or about this exceptional fly trap, contact the Big Stinky Fly Trap™.

Order Big Stinky Fly Trap online and effectively get rid of hundreds of fruit flies, horse flies, and yellow jackets