Fly Trap Frequently Asked Questions

The Big Stinky Fly Trap Lure ’em, Trap ’em, Kill ’em system gets rid of flies. Learn more about how to get rid of flies, types of flies, or other fly related topics with these fly trap frequently asked questions.

What are the different Fly Types?

There are several flies that are non-biting, but can cause human health problems and also cause annoyance and discomfort.  The common house fly, flesh flies, blow flies, fruit flies, and bottle flies all cause human discomfort and frequently transmit diseases.


Common House Fly:

A very common fly found in your house and yard, recreational areas, stable, barns, kennels and anywhere food waste is found. These flies are the cause of many intestinal diseases since they feed on human food found in and around your home.


Stable Fly:

The Fly feeds on Blood.  Of course, this includes humans as well as all animals: your pets, farm animals, and wild animals found around your home


Flesh Fly:

These flies are very common and feed on meat, garbage, dog food, and manure.  Big Stinky Fly Trap is very effective in catching and killing this annoying fly.


Bottle Fly & Blow Fly:

Blow flies and bottle flies are frequently found around discarded garbage, spoiled meat, and decaying animals and animal excrement.


Fruit Fly:

We all have been bothered by the common fruit fly.  Have you ever brought home fresh fruit and a couple of days later, notice a herd of small fruit flies?  Check the effective Big Stinky bait mixture to control these pests.

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